by Suki Kyme,
Ulverston, Cumbria

Welcome to my Website

You are invited to browse through the collection of paintings in the Gallery. Here you will find examples of my work in mixed media including acrylic, gouache, oil, pen and ink, gesso, foil, filler and anything that comes to hand!

You are also welcome to visit my studio!

Just arrange your visit personally through my contact page.


  • SOMETHING NEW! Rydal Hall andThe Lakes Collective of Artists and Designer Makers is putting on an extra small exhibition, placing a “Flock of Birds” in the branches of a dead tree in the grounds! The birds will “fly in” during the week of 7th April and remain in this beautifully shaped tree until 8th June. A very interesting challenge!
  • Rydal Hall last year invited members of the Lakes Collective of Artists and Designer Makers to install outdoor creations as part of the Sculpture Trail  As this was deemed a success, we are invited to install new works again this year. They will be on display between Saturday 3rd May and Sunday 8th June.
  • The Lakes Collective of Artists and Designer Makers will again stage its annual Showcase Exhibition in June at Rydal Hall. This year’s dates are Monday 2nd June until Sunday 8th June. We are hoping for even more visitors this time! We found it so inspiring to make artworks from newly written poetry in October last year that we are planning our Showcase loosely based on “literature”.
  • The C-Art Trail will be taking place throughout Cumbria later this year, but once again I have decided not to take part. It will give me more opportunities to do the Trail from the other side of the fence!
  • Green Door Artist’s Collective held it’s first Spring Art Trail over the first weekend in April. I was beginning to panic that I wouldn’t be ready in time, but of course arrived at a state of some sort of readiness just in time! It was very enjoyable exhibiting for the first time with two other very talented local artists, Stephen George Rae and Diana Merrick, who shared my space here in Ulverston. We enjoyed a lively and well attended preview on the Friday evening. It rained solidly all weekend, but a fair number braved the damp and cold to come and see our exhibits. It was stimulating to be able to talk with everyone who visited – always a pleasure. Thank you for coming!
  • Ulverston Society of Artists will be staging their annual Spring Exhibition in the Coronation Hall, 17th -19th April. I haven’t submitted any artwork this time, as I was Ill at the time of selection, but I shall enjoy seeing all the other exhibits. Further Exhibitions will be held as usual at the same venue later in the year – the Charter Exhibition in September and the Dickensian Weekend Show in December. More details later. 
  • Barrow Society of Artists will be holding its Annual Exhibition at the Forum in May, Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th. The Society will be showing their Annual Showcase  Exhibition in the Dock Museum again this year, during the whole of August.


My approach to art is through playing with paint and experimenting with different techniques and materials. My paintings evolve using a variety of media around a wide range of subjects. Expression varies from figurative through to abstract. My inspiration is drawn predominantly from the natural world, especially trees and water, and from anything seen or felt in passing. My work is constantly changing as I find new and different ways to respond to all that goes on around and within me.

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