Sue Kyme in her studio

Suki Kyme in her studio

Throughout my life I’ve enjoyed drawing for my own amusement or as a useful aid during my career as a Speech and Language Therapist.

It was only in 1997, during a particularly stressful period of my life, that I took up art as a means of expressing my feelings in safety, thus avoiding the necessity to commit murder!

To this end I joined a group called ‘Space to Create’, where we did our own thing with the materials available. Here it was that I discovered that I could freely express my anger, frustration and despair through art, and having got that off my chest was able to progress to other emotions!

So I’ve gone on from there and just love what happens when I experiment with different techniques and materials, and the work evolves organically.

It would be difficult not to be inspired by my surroundings, living as I do between the Lake District national park and the Morecambe Bay coast. I’m greatly influenced by my amazing environment and by the feelings it awakens. My passion for trees and water is life-long and the scope of my interest seems endless, so my work is constantly changing in response.

I have a studio (which I call my playroom!) at the top of my three-storey home in Ulverston. I am a member of two local Art Societies, in Barrow and Ulverston, and of the Green Door Artists collective in and around Kendal, and also of the Lakes Collective of Artists and Designer Makers. I exhibit regularly in Barrow and Ulverston and occasionally in other parts of Cumbria.

My studio is open to visitors any time by arrangement. So, see you soon!

Suki Kyme

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